Tough conditions on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Winter snow makes for challenging terrain on the Tour du Mont Blanc this month.

Post by Mary on June 25, 2019

Jamie is currently on his second Tour du Mont Blanc trip of the season. He’s with a group of 8 Yorkshire-men with team shirts entitled “TMB 2019:Blood and Beer”. There has been a lot of beer consumed already but only a negligible amount of blood spilled! As predicted, residual winter snow is making early season conditions tough this year. If you have a Tour du Mont Blanc trip coming soon then you need to allow extra time in your schedule for crossing the cols.

The Tour du Mont Blanc always involves hiking with or carrying your bike but the snow has definitely made these sections more challenging. Make sure you have a tough pair of bike shoes that have good grip and you can hike in easily. Waterproof socks are also essential. The heatwave we are currently experiencing is both good and bad. As Jamie says:

“It’s scorching hot out here at the moment and the snow is melting fast.  This is good in some places because it’s getting rid of the snow quickly. However it can be dangerous in other places. Snow bridges covering streams that are now flowing fast with melt water are thinning and about to give way at any time. You really have to pick your line carefully.”

That said, there is still very good riding to be had on the Tour du Mont Blanc this year. Jamie says all paths below 2000m are snow-free, dry and rideable. Riding down on snow can also be a lot of fun if you’re up for it! So long as you are prudent, snow-aware, have the right gear and are fit and strong you will still enjoy the route.

If you are interested in a guided Tour du Mont Blanc this summer we have availability between 27th July and 8th August. The snow should be gone by then or at least only small patches will remain. We also offer the Tour du Mont Blanc as a self-guided holiday. Along with our Eiger Tour and Alpine Singletrack trips. If you are interested in any of our trips or our self-catering accommodation contact Mary.

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