Spring biking is here again!

It might still be ski season but the trail bikes are out and ready to roll!

Post by Mary on March 11, 2022

The winter season is still in full swing in the Alps and the snow is in good condition on the pistes. That said, we haven’t had a fresh snowfall for a while, the afternoon temperatures are rising and we’ve had blue skies and sunshine for weeks now. This means the lower, south-facing trails are dry and the time for Spring biking is here!

Jamie and I have already tested out the trail bikes on a trip to Annecy. We are looking to find an off-road way to link up the sections of traffic-free cycle path around Annecy lake. It wasn’t a hugely successful mission but it was lovely to be out riding on dirt again. The lake is always stunning; crystal clear water surrounded by snow-capped peaks. It was the perfect start to the next couple of months of Spring biking.

Next week we’re heading back to our favourite Spring biking destination of 2021 – the Petit Saleve. We’ve had reports that the trails are running well. It’s a brilliant little hill with so much varied riding. The only way to the summit is an off-road climb including a few technical sections so it’s fun to ride up as well as down. No road access means the trails don’t get as much heavy bike traffic as the larger, neighbouring hill, the Saleve. The angle of the hill is gentle so you get some fantastic, long flowing, singletrack descents for a 350m climb.

Bespoke Spring biking trips are possible right through April, May and June. We can tailor the riding to suit the conditions, the availability of trails and your skills and needs. Get in touch with Mary if you’re keen for some early season riding.

Looking ahead to the summer months, we have a busy season ahead. It feels great to be able to say that again after two very lean years. Following a cancellation we have one week left available in high season: Saturday 2nd – Saturday 9th July. We can run any of our trips this week. All point-to-point adventures are possible. Please do get in touch if you are looking for an Alpine mountain bike adventure this summer. Our other available week is Wednesday 21st – Wednesday 28th September. This is a late season slot so it’s not suitable for all of our trips. If you’re keen to ride the Tour du Mont Blanc, the Eiger Tour, an Alpine Singletrack or Alpine Enduro week, these dates would be perfect for you. The trails will be quiet and the weather should still be sunny and warm.

We’re looking forward to seeing you back out in the Alps this year. Happy Spring biking everyone!