Mid-season winter fat biking update

The sun is shining and the trails are in perfect condition. It's time to come out on a winter fat biking adventure!

Post by Mary on January 21, 2022

It feels like we’re having never-ending blue skies and cold, crisp days this January: the perfect weather for winter fat biking. The forecast shows it’s not set to change for at least the next 10 days. Time for a last minute winter fat biking getaway, now that UK-France travel has opened-up again?

We had a lot of snow in December, which has now been well-compacted on the trails by hikers. The stable cold weather means that we haven’t had any melt and re-freeze so there’s not much ice and off-piste the snow has mostly stayed soft and powdery. The trails on the valley floor and sides are in ideal condition for winter fat biking. It really doesn’t get any better than this for winter riding.

It has stayed below freezing for so long it’s even possible to ride on the lakes! Although I wouldn’t recommend going too far from the edge or without someone watching out for you from the side.

Jamie took a group of lads out yesterday and they had a great time. After a short spin on the valley floor they got two uplifts to Morillon 1100 and rode back down to the village. Once on the blue ski piste, which is currently unpisted and not in use so quiet and perfect for fat biking. The second time on our “Through the Mill” summer bike track, which is also fun in winter with the right tyres!

It really does seem such a shame to keep all of the good weather and snowy trails to ourselves. We’d love to see you out here before the end of winter. Check out our fat biking page on our website and email us to arrange a trip. OK, time to leave the office and get out on my fat bike. I hope you can join us soon!