March flash sale – 1 day of guiding free!

If you need an incentive to come out and ride this summer, our flash sale will hopefully provide it.

Post by Mary on March 1, 2024

We’re running a flash sale this March, offering 1 day of guiding free if you book a trip with 5 or 6 days of guided riding. This includes all of our point-to-point trips. If you book a trip with 3-4 days of guided riding we will give you half a day of guiding free. This includes our Alpine Singletrack, Alpine Enduro and Swiss heli-biking trips. You will need to have booked and paid your deposit by the 31st March in order to benefit from the flash sale.

The weeks of warm dry weather have come to an end for now and it looks like we will have a bit more winter before Spring arrives. Jamie and I got in a couple more mountain bike rides before the change in weather, including one of our favourite local routes, “Dingle Dell”. It’s a secluded, wooded micro valley, littered with boulders covered in moss. The trail is flowy with some fun tech sections of rocks and roots. You access it via a minor road and dirt climb of about a 250m elevation gain. We normally ride it twice each visit. It’s one of those rare trails that seem to give more descent fun relative to climbing effort. We love it!

Our friend Alex of Selwyn Bicycles has opened a pop-up shop to showcase his excellent hand-made bike frames. The shop is in Samoens village centre and will be open until mid-March. If you’re in the area pop in for a coffee and a chat with Alex about what he does and see some examples of his builds. Jamie’s Selwyn is in there alongside a range of other custom road and mountain bikes.

Drop us a line if you’d like to make the most of our March flash sale.