Sublime Swiss singletrack

Exploring the beautiful Swiss region of Goms on foot and two wheels.

Post by Mary on June 1, 2023

Last month we hiked the Gommer Hohenweg (plus a bit extra) from Fiesch to Oberwald in the Swiss region of Goms. The route showcases 40km of the very best of Swiss singletrack. As a whole the route isn’t suitable for mountain bikes but sadly on the signposts along the sections that were, an anti-mountain biker had written “No bikes” in black marker pen – a sure sign it’s a trail good for riding! Normally the Swiss are excellent at sharing trails between hikers, bikers and horse riders so this was definitely just an anomaly.


The whole region of Goms where the Hohenweg is situated is littered with fantastic Swiss singletrack riding. We’ve ridden a lot of trails around Fiesch, using the excellent network of cable cars. Highlights include the ride up to the stunning Aletsch glacier – the biggest in the Alps – followed by a swooping singletrack descent on which you’re unlikely to see another biker.


At the upper end of the Goms region there is the Grimselpass, which includes a descent down one of the best Swiss singletrack trails we’ve ever ridden as a family. A trail the crosses the Gommer Hohenweg near its end point.


We explore this area on our Alpine Enduro and Swiss Heli-biking Weekend trips. We can also craft a custom-made trip, suited to your specific needs that explores the very best Swiss singletrack that this area has to offer. Goms is one of the lesser-known regions in the Swiss Alps but it’s one of our absolute favourites for mountain biking and hiking.  If you’re still looking for an adventure this summer, we would highly recommend a mountain bike trip to Goms. We have availability in mid June and between 9th-14th July. Please do get in touch if you’re interested.

We stayed in the excellent Hotel des Alpes in Fiesch, which we use during our trips. The rooms are very comfortable and the food is excellent; beautifully cooked local cuisine with some unusual regional specialities. Jamie was delighted to discover that the hotel specialises in beer! They have an optional beer menu, designed by a beer sommelier, with a different beer to accompany each course. The list of available beers they serve a la carte is 5 pages long!

Cheers! (he only had a sip;)