Winter season 2021 – fat biking on snow!

We have lots of snow, Jamie is allowed to guide again and the mountains are peaceful and quiet - it's the perfect season for a fat biking adventure!

Post by Mary on December 15, 2020

As restrictions on guiding and socialising are gradually lifted here in France the snow has been falling and falling in the mountains. Jamie and I have done some great fat biking on snow over the past couple of weeks. These first few rides of the season always put a big smile on my face as I’m reminded just how much fun it is to power along through fresh powder on super-fat tyres. Plus it’s a soft landing when you fall off!

As always in the mountains the temperature and snow conditions fluctuate from week to week and even day to day. Last week we were pedaling hard cutting through the fresh powder in sub zero temperatures. Our water bottles were freezing solid and it was a challenge to keep fingers and toes warm. Of course the beautiful scenery and the soft crunch of fresh snow under the tyres made it well worth enduring the cold. This week it’s much warmer and we’ve had some rain so the snow is crustier and there’s quite a bit of ice on the trails. The great thing about the fat bikes is that you can get out in all conditions and have a great ride. It’s always a tough workout for the legs and lungs and it’s just so wonderful to be able to get out pedaling throughout the winter months.

This winter season in the Alps is going to be little different to previous years on account of Covid-19. The ski lifts are closed until at least January 7th and after that we’ll have to see what kind of balancing act the French Government strikes between containing the virus and opening-up the ski resorts for business. It’s going to be a tough winter season for many of us whose livelihoods depend upon a thriving tourism industry. That said, there are always positive outcomes even during difficult times. The mountains will be quieter but just as beautiful as ever. It will be the perfect season for winter sports that don’t depend on mechanical assistance – snow shoeing, ski touring, cross country skiing and fat biking on snow.

Ride the Alps is very much open for business this winter. Jamie is now allowed to guide small groups of up to 5 people. Hotels and restaurants are to remain closed until at least 21st January but we have private apartment and chalet accommodation available to rent. If you’re looking to get away to the mountains this winter we would love to welcome you to stay. Contact Mary for full details of our fat biking on snow adventures.

We hope you all have a wonderful festive season with family and friends. We wish you a healthy and happy 2021 with many fun adventures on two wheels.

Mary & Jamie