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Julie and I just wanted to say what an absolutely amazing experience we had yesterday on the fat bikes! Jamie was so patient with us both when we kept using the wrong gears. He had so much interesting information about the landscape too. Riding down the first drop was exhilarating and by the end we wanted to do it all again. We totally respect the no electric assistance as it made the ride down all more satisfying. Jamie was a great guide, we thoroughly enjoyed his company and the gin! If we're ever staying here again we'll definitely do it again.

Sarah and Julie, February 2024
Fat Biking

We would like to thank you for all the bookings you made for our self-guide Eiger Tour. We had an incredible, amazing time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Fantastic cycling!

Enslin and Mathilda Uys, October 2023
The Eiger Tour

I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of everyone on the C2Z trip recently. We all really enjoyed the trip and the company. Jamie and Chris both worked hard to make it all a fantastic experience and despite the variation in ability and bikes managed to get us all over the mountains without too many hiccups. A truly memorable trip! Thank you!

Tom Bailey, July 2023
Chamonix to Zermatt

Thanks again for all your help organising our trip. The chalet was superb (as was the food), the transfers went well but most importantly the riding and trails Jamie got us on were MEGA! It was awesome to back in the Alps and riding with Jamie again after all these years. I won’t be waiting so long for the next riding trip.

George Jarvis, June 2023
Alpine Singletrack

We couldn’t be more impressed with our tour! After turning 50, I decided to check a bucket-list trip off my list, and looked to do a Trans-Alp tour.  After researching and corresponding with a few tour operators, we settled on Ride the Alps and we're so glad we did. Mary kept us informed and saw us prepared in the run-up and then Jamie led us on an amazing adventure- finding dream trails that only a local would know while catering to our skill levels and pushing us to challenge ourselves on unfamiliar terrain- while joining us in our post-ride revelries and daily antics. If this proves to be a once-in-a-lifetime tour we are all thrilled to have had Jamie lead us.  If we get the chance to do another we will definitely be calling on Ride The Alps to make it another epic experience!

Stefan Friedemann, September 2022
Chamonix to Zermatt

Jamie and Mary are a fantastic team! From start to finish you are in the safest hands. Mary is fantastic at all things organisation before and during the trip and you feel her rock solid organisation in all these remote locations. This last trip was our third with Ride the Alps and we would struggle to go anywhere else- why? Jamie’s knowledge of the mountain and ability to read the group and ensure maximum smiles on all the miles is second to none. But that is not the magic sauce! The Magic sauce is Jamie’s boundless enthusiasm and energy for the sport he loves, nothing is too much trouble, he wants to ride, he wants you to ride, he loves it from every pore in his body- this is not a job - its pure unadulterated passion. Enjoy ?

Simon Wisdom, July 2022
Chamonix to Briançon

We came from Australia with our bikes to spend a month riding in the French Alps. Luckily we lined up a week of guiding with Jamie from Ride the Alps because it was epic! Jamie was an amazing resource from helping with forgotten pedals, to finding someone to fix blown shocks when it seemed impossible, plus he's a great guy. Not to mention Mary who helped with all the organisation and nothing was too much trouble. Jamie was able to tailor rides to fit our riding ability perfectly but keep us challenged. Can't recommend Jamie enough if you want amazing scenery and single track, combined with awesome downhills.

Kelly, Simon and Iggy Gerber, June 2022
Alpine Singletrack

Had a never to forget week of riding spectacular trails in stunning scenery. Leave your gps at home! Don’t waste half your trip trying to find the trails. Jamie will have you on the trails and smiling in no time! Can’t wait for next time.

Ramon Pollach, June 2022
Alpine Singletrack

Thank you so much for all of your help in planning this trip. It has been fantastic! We loved everywhere we stayed, the food, the guiding and feel so grateful for your help in planning this. Jamie was born to be a guide. We hope to be back again!

Mylissa Graham, August 2021
Chamonix to Zermatt

"Thank you to Jamie for great guiding and company. We all really enjoyed it, as he was able to cater for our different abilities. Also thanks for Mary's help with organisation beforehand. We are really glad we came."

Sarah, Giles, Martin and Jake McBrinn, July 2020
Alpine Singletrack

"Great week, great company and genuinely the best riding I've ever done."

Tony Mills, August 2020
Chamonix to Briançon - New Trip for 2020!

We've just had an amazing trip with Jamie at Ride the Alps.  A five day trip with three full days of riding, it was epic.  The riding was challenging, but with Jamie to guide us, we all found new levels of ability.  We experienced some grueling climbs, rock-strewn descents, the sweetest single track and smoking hot brakes.  I'm sure we'll be back to explore more of the Grand Massif in future!

Jacob Thompson, September 2019
Alpine Singletrack

Not sure we can express our amazement and the excitement we felt on the trip from Chamonix to Zermatt, but having this be the second venture with Ride the Alps we now feel like the adventure will continue for many years and more trips to come. I would highly recommend this point to point over any we have done in the past. Certainly we have experienced world class-mountain biking in the US but never have we had anything like this! We were just as amazed regardless of weather, sun, rain, snow we had it all and loved it. Jaime is always prepared in any conditions and bike repair needs including a bike going over a cliff, rebuilding it, and making it rideable and completing an amazing descent into Zermatt. For those few fortunate people who get to enjoy this part of the world our advice is to go with Jamie, Mary and Soren at Ride the Alps. We have had many guided and self-guided adventures and we in the group all agree that no matter where we have gone in the world Jamie and the crew at Ride the Alps are the best hands down! We hope to convince the whole crew to come to Nepal in the future with us hopefully in the not so distant future. Look at all the guided groups in the area but do yourself a favour and come back to Ride the Alps. You will not regret it!  Your friends, Mick, Kristen, Sverre, Erin, Fig, Sarah, Greg, Suz ...fellow mountainbike junkies!

Mick Mickelson, September 2019
Chamonix to Zermatt

After experiencing the once in a lifetime adventure of mountain biking through the Alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc with our world class biking guide Jamie (Ride the Alps), we knew we had to make another highly popular route, Chamonix to Zermatt, happen sooner rather than later. So this September, 2 years later, we ventured out once again with 4 couples, all close friends, with Jamie as our guide and Soren Rickards, his incredibly talented photographer and friend. It was yet again an absolutely wonderful experience riding through the beautiful Swiss Alps and little towns and villages along the way, with all the traditional charm and beauty Switzerland is known for. It was truly a magical experience. Jamie's in depth knowledge of every trail, switchback, technical section, as well as his time preparing us before each section to know exactly what to expect and teaching us techniques along the way, made it all perfectly exciting and fun. The views were stunning, the trails were challenging, exciting, spectacular, with the perfect variety of single track, long and scenic mountain trails, beautiful towns and villages to ride through and see, cols and tarmac to climb, long and sweeping downhill, and not to mention the exquisite food all along the way. Jamie knows every detail to make it all go perfectly in any weather conditions and for any level of rider. We were amazed by his expertise and could not have had the experience we had without him as our guide. He made it all work out wonderfully, kept our bikes working in tip top condition, and rescued us from every hairy situation we got ourselves in...we simply wouldn't dare do it without him. Mary made all the arrangements for our travels which made everything run so smoothly so we were well prepared and knew exactly what to expect. Combining the two of their skill sets, along with Soren's incredible photography to capture the breathtaking views and action shots all along the way, makes this mountain biking experience the ideal adventure. We highly recommend Ride the Alps to anyone wanting to experience the Alps this way, it is truly the adventure and experience of a lifetime. We can't wait to go back!  

Kristen Mickelson, September 2019
Chamonix to Zermatt

Five of us joined Jamie for our mountain adventure from Crans Montana to the iconic and stunning Eiger.  There was a great combination of high Alpine exploring, rural meandering and super technical (for us!) forest track descents. Plus a good mix of overnight stops (and local hostelries...) made for fun evenings.  Jamie's on the hoof lessons on bike skills were a bonus as was his mid-week impromptu bike surgery which kept our battered bikes rolling to the end.

Paddy Hagan, September 2019
The Eiger Tour

Jamie and Mary, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this week. Looking back on the week over our meal last night we all agreed it was the best biking trip we’d ever had. For a whole number of reasons- not least of which was the organisation on Mary's part and Jamie’s fabulous guiding and hosting throughout the week. Fountain of knowledge! The weather was unbelievable and we’ve all set off home with the same number of limbs we started with! Can’t wait to repeat it again next year on another trip....

Jack Cooke, June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc

We had a marvelous time on our self-guide Tour du Mont Blanc. Apart from the impressive scenery and perfect weather conditions, this is due to your great support. So thanks for that once more. All best and we’ll know where to come when we head for the Alps.  

Dennis de Hoog, September 2018
Tour du Mont Blanc

First time I rode Chamonix to Zermatt it was on an 80mm hardtail and I thought the trip was ace back then. Roll forward 12 years to 2018 and this time I did the trip on a 140mm full-susser. Was even more ace. Six of us did the C2Z route, great weather, big climbs, bigger descents and of course great guiding by Jamie. Another epic trip over the mountains! We will be back for more :-)

Carl Nelson, July 2018
Chamonix to Zermatt

I’ve just met up with Steve and I don’t think I’ve seen him this happy in years! Thank you so much Mary and Jamie, you showed him the most amazing time in France! He’ll be back.

Rachel Land for Steve Farquharson, September 2018
Alpine Singletrack

I would like to pass our thanks to you and especially Jamie for all that you did for us during our stay in Samoens. We had a really great adventure ! And all of us improved our skills in mountain biking. Thank you once more!

Edgars Mednis and Family, July 2018
Alpine Singletrack

The Tour of Monte Rosa was an epic adventure. I’ve ridden loads of trips with Ride the Alps and this has to be my favorite trip so far. Stunning views, great accommodation, tough climbs and descents that challenge you but leave you grinning ? We’re not sure how to top it next year. Thanks again for the Awesome Epic Adventure !

Paul Main, September 2018
Tour of Monte Rosa

That was the best day of my life!

Mark Brailey, July 2017
Alpine Singletrack

The Tour du Mont Blanc was amazing and a once in a lifetime for our group. We investigated a number of other companies, but our group was very experienced and fit and we wanted to make sure the guides were up for the challenge. I can say that Jamie being a former Pro Rider was amazing in his ability to teach us new technical skills, guide us to the most amazing riding given the weather and tailor the rides to the skill sets of our group. We can't thank Ride the Alps enough for the incredible planning, amazing food, and of course the riding. By far the best guiding company in the Alps... We will be back for another adventure soon!  All the best , Mick/ Kristen, Sverre/Erin, Brady/ Sarah  

Dave Mickelson, September 2017
Tour du Mont Blanc

Amazing route with the benefit of Jamie's incredible knowledge. Jamie allowed weather adjustments but still kept us on some great trails. Well organised from start to finish and you know Jamie has the knowledge and ability to guide in all situations.

Steve Booth, June 2017
Tour du Mont Blanc

We spent a few days riding with Jamie on some superb steep rocky and rooty trails, which is what we asked for and he delivered in abundance.He could not do enough for us , really top guy , very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely book with Ride the Alps again.

Dominic Dowley, September 2017
Alpine Singletrack

The Chamonix to Zermatt is the ultimate 7 day mountain bike ride for experienced mountain bike riders and Jamie is the ultimate mountain bike guide.  This trip had it all, from summiting high passes and 2000 meter a day climbs, to the famous downhill section with "58 switchbacks", to long smooth flowy sections, to the sometimes dreaded but still fun hike-a-bike sections.  There are also areas with a bit of exciting exposure.  We passed through numerous fairy tale type French and Swiss villages and were constantly among the most breath taking views the Alps can offer.  This combined with the fact that it is impossible to imagine a better guide, bike mechanic, medic, and instructor with such a quick big smile as Jamie!  All together the C2Z trip adds up to possibly the very best mountain bike ride in the world!  Definitely an experience of a lifetime.  Absolutely loved it!!

Ladd Austere, September 2017
Chamonix to Zermatt

The mountain biking that I did with Jamie made Summer 2016. I was 14 at the time and Jamie and I rode out together for three days and it was awesome. On the first day we did some skills, as I hadn’t ridden my bike for a month or two. Jamie quickly got me doing wheelies again and taught me how to jump the bike in various situations to avoid obstacles. All this came in handy over the next few days. Thanks to the time I spent with Jamie my skills improved massively and my confidence grew. Jamie knows all the good spots to go to and is brilliant at assessing skill level and took me to areas that challenged me and really made me improve. My family and I must thank Jamie and Mary for letting us stay in their apartment in fantastic Morillon.

Sammy Webb, July 2016
Alpine Singletrack

We all had a great week and enjoyed Jamie's tailor-made schedule of riding for the four of us. The 4 day TMB was memorable in many ways! Challenging as ever with some healthy hike-a-bike sections which never go a-miss! Jamie's special sections are always the highlight of the day! Great sections of uphill climbing, some on road some off road - All in all an excellent week with a great guide and perfect accommodation. We never actually felt like we had a guide as Jamie's become a good friend which makes your trips even better!

Miles Beckett, September 2016
Tour du Mont Blanc

6 days of tailored to suit riding was the request to Jamie at Ride the Alps. The result was 6 days of brilliant riding, Mont Blanc in the back ground, days and days of fast descents. We even got roadside view of the Tour de France one afternoon. A night in a refuge high up a mountain side. Different trails every day. 3rd time with Ride the Alps, getting better, but still can't keep up with Jamie! Perfect sunshine and perfect riding. Thanks. Joe

Joe Viveash, July 2016
Alpine Enduro

Highly recommend the TMB with Ride the Alps. The scenery is stunning, the trip was well organised and above all it was fun. Jamie assessed our skills and rode at a pace to suit. He gave us a detailed brief of what to expect each day and coached us through some challenging sections. His knowledge of the terrain along with his expertise and long history in Mountain Biking really made it a great experience all round. We would definitely return to do another trip. Loved it!

Tracey Croke, June 2016
Tour du Mont Blanc

Thank you Mary & Jamie for brilliant, brilliant  holiday. Everyone had a fantastic time and will be talking about it for many years to come. Also, Liz was the perfect chalet host and her accommodation was 1st class. I'm sure we'll be coming again.

Chris Masters, June 2016
Alpine Singletrack

Three days of the most amazing fat biking adventures. With unusually little snow in the valley when I arrived I had wondered what on earth I was going to be doing for three days, I needn't have worried. With Jamie's years of experience in the area he soon hatched a plan and we went up on the Joux Plane for a ride, it was hilarious and a great introduction to fat biking. What followed the next few days blew me away, hiking / riding to the top of various locations and bombing back down was simply incredible. It far exceeded my expectations of the trip - it is a trip I will never forget. I can't wait to see what he can come up with for 2017.

Mason Thomas, February 2016
Fat bike fun!

Just back from an invigorating morning fatbiking under the expert guidance of Jamie :) A friend and I were keen to give it a go but whilst we're used to hitting the snow trails on snow shoes or skis, this was a first on 2 wheels. Well we were on a high from start to finish. The novelty factor helped, the location in a forgotten valley was to die for and Jamie was great company. He judged our ability (is that the right word?!?) pretty quickly and the pace was perfect. The valley was undulating rather than steep, with breathtaking views and peppered with alpine wildlife - well huskies and ponies at least! We rounded off the morning with a sneaky vin chaud stop in an authentic chalet d'alpage just off the (not so) beaten track. Definitely recommend!

Jane Proctor, March 2016
Fat bike fun!

In May this year we had another great trip to Samoens with Jamie and Mary at Ride the Alps. As requested Jamie had organised three uplifts over the course of the day allowing us to last the day and enjoy lots of fabulous downhill. We stayed in Samoens in excellent accommodation a few steps from the town centre, bars and restaurants. This was our 5th trip and we are looking forward to many more.

Tessa Holyoake, May 2015
Alpine Singletrack

For the past 10 years we have been coming on Alpine adventures with Jamie and Mary at Ride the Alps and they always manage to make it a fantastic trip with stories and memories that last until the next time. Jamie is the biz as our guide, with the local knowledge and riding skills that always make our trips memorable. We return home with extra skills to batter the Welsh hillsides. Best of all, Jamie and Mary are always willing to customise and tailor stuff to what we want to do. I cannot wait until next year for another alpine fix with these guys. Why get stuck on a massive tour with set routes and timetables when these guys are much more like visiting the French part of your family and they also happen to be awesome on bikes. The Welsh Boyos always have an amazing trip when we visit the big mountains with Jamie and Mary.

Kevin Hammett, June 2015
Alpine Singletrack

The C2Z should be on every mountain bikers bucket list - superb alpine riding terrain with chocolate box views , cunning route planning , top hospitality and logistical support. The perfect holiday!

Andy Collins, July 2015
Chamonix to Zermatt

Our C2Z was a well organized, stunning trip from start to finish with amazing trails and descents we would never have found on our own, complimented by great guiding, accommodation and fabulous scenery all the way. All in all an epic ride to remember!

Andy Hiett, September 2015
Chamonix to Zermatt

My Chamonix to Zermatt trip ticked all the boxes – great guided route, brilliant riding , stunning scenery and views (helped by the amazing weather) , good company, made new friends and shared stories, really good food and accommodation. Basically – I loved it!

Louise Hanley, July 2015
Chamonix to Zermatt

Right from the off I knew choosing Ride the Alps was a good decision. The booking and organisation that Mary provided couldn't have been easier and nothing was ever a problem. On the ride itself it felt as if we were traveling with friends. Jamie’s knowledge of the trails and Josh’s support and entertainment meant that all we had to do was enjoy the riding during the day and relax with a beer in the evening. The six of us reckon it's one of the best overall riding experiences we've had and I'd recommend Ride the Alps to anyone wanting to experience big rides in awesome scenery.

Graeme Wilkinson, July 2015
Tour du Mont Blanc

We first went on a Ride the Alps trip in 2006 (Chamonix to Zermatt) and had a fantastic trip. We went out again in 2011 for The Eiger, again a tip-top week away. This year we came out for the TMB trip with Jamie. Once again Jamie did himself proud - great guide, fab route, fantastic weather & awesome singletrack! We will be coming back for another trip with Ride The Alps, cannot recommend them enough.

Carl Nelson, July 2015
Tour du Mont Blanc

My second trip with Ride the Alps, The Alpine Enduro Week lived up to expectations and more. New single track trails everyday to thoroughly satisfy. We biked through a tunnel high up in the Alps, came close to a glacier, recuperated at a thermal bath with an epic water slide but mainly descended the best natural trails as fast as I dared day after day. All in all as good as it gets on a mountain bike. I booked next years trip as soon as I got home! Cannot wait! Thanks Jamie and Mary for a brilliant adventure.

Joe Viveash, June 2015
Alpine Enduro

This was a holiday of pure adrenaline and fun in breathtaking scenery. There was a good mix of flow and technical tracks, and little climbing. Another highlight were the hotels that helped our recovery with great food and rest.

Ivan Pimenta, June 2015
Alpine Enduro

Another excellent trip, first class guiding and quality technical descents, with the usual high standard of accomodation throughout. More rosti, yes please!

Ramsay Shaw, September 2015
The Eiger Tour
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